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Whoop New Blog!

Hey everyone,


I thought I’d set up a separate blog to do this kind of posting about food & lifestyle so if you read my regular beauty blog it would stay the same & not get littered by posts about food!


It will involve mainly everything probably, cooking & sewing & all the things that make us warm inside that aren’t to do with other passions.


I personally love cooking, i do it all the time & have the tendency to mother everyone & make sure everyone leaves my house with full stomachs otherwise i haven’t done my job, so i thought I’d share my passion & recipes so people can try them out for themselves!

Now they may not be the most health conscious at times, my key is everything in moderation, sounds boring but works! if you’re on a diet, substitute ingredients, or use the recipe as a treat or just take flavour combinations and make them work for you! Use & abuse me is always my motto!!!


If you’ve got any questions or comments let me know & I’ll get back to you!!




(also my readers of my other blog will notice I’m on wordpress, I’ve turned to the dark side but i wanted to see if it was any good as I’ve been thinking of switching my other blog over! so far me likes, I’d like your opinions whether its a good idea or just a pain in the arse to you all!)


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