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This is a new recipe that i tried out today & i think it makes a lovely winter soup as it’s very warming from the spicyness of the chorizo.

I can always tell when autumn has hit us as i get the urge to make batches of soup and freeze them ready for hibernation.

So i will do the format of step by step for my 1st one so let me know if you like it this way or would prefer just the recipe & method!!

This is what you will need:




A cup of tea!

2 large chorizo’s

5 sweet potatoes

3 large potatoes

3 carrots

2 onions (i only had one white so had to improvise & use a red one)

2 – 3 Garlic cloves

2 Celery sticks

Roasting tin

Large pan


Step 1

Peel & cut sweet potato, an onion & garlic, add to roasting tin with some olive oil, salt & black pepper.

Pop into the oven at about 180 degrees


Step 2

Chop up the rest of the vegetables (onions are already in the pan)


In your pan sweat the onions down with some olive oil for a couple of minutes at a moderate temperature, add the celery & carrots and cook for a few more minutes until they’re coated in oil and warmed. Then add the potatoes and do the same.

Step 3

Add enough hot water to generously cover all the vegetables and then add some chicken stock!



I use these liquid stock cubes & use 1 per soup, otherwise it is too strong.

Let this boil away until the potato is cooked.

Step 4

Chop chorizo & fry in a pan for a while until slightly browned (this is much more than you need, i was just eating some for my lunch so did it at the same time)


Step 5

Once the potatoes have cooked add the chorizo to the pan & blend


Step 6

Once the vegetables in the oven are cooked, add to the soup & blend


Step 7

Finally add salt & pepper to taste, and for an extra dimension i like to add spices



My favourite spices to add are Garam masala and ginger, usually i use fresh ginger but didn’t have any in, & i usually add nutmeg for warmth but the chorizo already provides it so i didn’t bother. When adding spices i add to taste so cant really indicate amounts to use.


So there it is for you!! if you try it let me know how you get on & i’ll be back with more recipes soon! and if you’ve got any requests leave them below!!

Thanks for reading

Sign off


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